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Gladstone Primary Academy


To apply for a place in our Reception class for September parents will need to go through the Peterborough City Council admissions process, details of this can be found on the Peterborough City Council website . 

Applications for other year groups and to join Reception later in the school year can be made by completing the in-year application form, which can be found at the bottom of this page. Please return your completed form to Gladstone Primary Academy, for the attention of  Anushka Daniels. Please ensure your form has been completed fully. If you are transferring from another Peterborough school parts A and B must be completed, with the current school completing part B.  Please see our Admissions Policy, available below for more details.

The Academy uses the Peterborough City Council to manage its appeals who will prepare guidance for parents about how the appeals process will work and a named contact who can answer any enquiries parents may have about the process. 

Appeal forms and timelines are available from the Peterborough City Council website at the link below: