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Gladstone Primary Academy


We expect excellent behaviour from every child so that learning opportunities are maximised at all times.

Gladstone Rules:

Our rules are really important. They apply to everyone in our school. 

  • Be safe
  • Follow instructions
  • Show respect
  • Learn well


Learning Behaviours

At Gladstone Primary Academy, our children develop learning behaviours that supports children in taking responsibility for their own actions and achievements. The five Learning Behaviours give children the tools to manage and improve their own behaviour are part of the Mckie Mastery TM approach used in the academy.

  • Active Listening 

  • Job Done

  • Teach and Support

  • Everyone Engaged

  • Elaborate and Explain 

 Children are grouped in cooperative teams and points are given for displaying a learning behaviour. Points are recorded by children on a chart on the table, or by placing items in a jar depending on the age of the children. Every team needs to appoint an effective team captain, which is changed weekly. The team captain must be a role model for the team and is the only person allowed to manage and add points to the Team Score Chart (see example below). 

The chart does not belong to the teacher. Instead, it belongs to the team and is the captain’s responsibility. The teacher awards points, usually between 5 and 2 depending on the speed or quality of the learning behaviour. This also allows team points to be given to multiple teams at the same time.

The teacher is required to be positive and to catch children displaying positive behaviours. Points are never taken away, as teams have earned them. If a team is not displaying the required learning behaviour then the teacher rewards every other team and explains why they are rewarding them, the teacher will not say anything to the team(s) who have not received points

The winning team is the team that shows the greatest increase in score from the previous week. Winning teams are celebrated and rewarded in weekly Achievement Assemblies.

Visible Consistencies

Visible consistencies are demonstrated by all members of staff. This provides the pupils with a clear message that all adults value this behaviour. 

1. Meet and Greet.
All children will be greeted at the door by their class teacher and offered a formal handshake to welcome them to their learning.

2. Clear Corridors.
Coats and bags are hung on pegs and not left on the floor. Nobody walks past an item that is on the floor.

3. Wonderful Walking.
We are proud of our school and when we walk through the buildings we hold our heads up so that we can see the wonderful learning environment. We walk on the left-hand side of corridors and stairs. We walk one behind another with our hands by our sides. There is no unnecessary talking.

Class Behaviour Chart:

All classes have a Class Behaviour Chart

Squares ticked off for whole class good behaviour (e.g. lining up and moving through the school sensibly) Squares ticked off for every 25 positive ticks on class tick chart at the end of each day. Ticks can only be given, they cannot be lost/removed.
 Whole class reward agreed before starting the 100 square.