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Gladstone Primary Academy


At Gladstone Primary Academy we follow Development Matters in Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum for Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. The Development Matters early years curriculum can be found here.

The National Curriculum was revised in 2014 for Key Stage One and Two. Click here for the Government document, outlining the aims and programmes of study for pupils of primary age. 

Read, Write, Inc

At Gladstone we use Read, Write, Inc to teach our pupils phonics, reading and writing until they are able to read and write independently at the appropriate expected standard for their year group. Typically, Read, Write, Inc is used in Key Stage One. This programme teaches language and literacy in a systematic way as soon as pupils are ready to start learning sounds and enables children to apply their learning of sounds to read and write at their own level.  Pupils are then assessed often to ensure that they are continually challenged and making good progress. Please click here for more information about the Read, Write, Inc programme. 


In order to provide coverage of the National Curriculum objectives across a range of subjects, we use the Cornerstones curriculum. The four headings below give you an indication of the structure of a Cornerstones topic from beginning, to end.


  • Hook learners in with a memorable experience
  • Set the scene and provide the context
  • Ask questions to provoke thought and interest
  • Provoke curiosity using interesting starting points


  • Teach knowledge for depth of understanding
  • Demonstrate new skills and allow time for consolidation
  • Provide creative opportunities for making and doing
  • Deliver reading, writing and talk across the curriculum


  • Provide imaginative scenarios that provoke creative thinking
  • Enable and assess the application of previously learned skills
  • Encourage enterprise and independent thinking


  • Encourage reflective talk by asking questions
  • Provide opportunities for shared evaluation
  • Celebrate success

Throughout each topic, teachers will plan opportunities for pupils to acquire new information and skills, then apply their new learning. Please see one of our year group pages for more information on specific topics.

Other Curriculum Areas

At Gladstone, we use a locally agreed syllabus to teach R.E. (Religious Education) and P.S.H.E. (Personal, Social, Health, Education). For P.E. (Physical Education) we follow the National Curriculum and we have access to specialist sports teachers who come into school and teach each year group P.E.