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Gladstone Primary Academy

Curriculum Design

We are thoughtful and flexible over our curriculum design to ensure it is engaging, exciting and meets the needs and interests of our young learners.

Our broad curriculum offer values all areas of learning. It is planned to build secure learning over time, providing children with the knowledge, skills and experiences they need to be successful and confident for their next stage. 

We ensure children engage in active and memorable experiences. Children go on weekly walks to the local post office, shop and further afield visiting town and the library on the bus. These experiences allow children to develop a sense of place and understanding of their local area. Learning is further enriched within the setting through role-play to allow children to deepen their own understanding through exploration.

Children’ knowledge of the natural world is developed through close observation and use of technology. These personal experiences support children’s understanding of the world, enriching and widening vocabulary.

Celebrating cultural capital

We are a diverse and culturally rich setting, with many languages spoken amongst our families. We acknowledge, and build on children's uniqueness, experiences, and interests. And, at the same time, we provide new opportunities and experiences, to challenge, expand, and increase children's knowledge, understanding and cultural awareness about the world.

Our curriculum design aligns with the statutory framework and prioritises language and literacy through the sharing of quality texts, poems, rhymes and songs.