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Gladstone Primary Academy

Lunch and Snacks

Mealtimes are an important part of the day. Children get to sit with their friends, eat with one another and enjoy a social experience. We encourage the children to be involved in setting the table and washing their own plates and cutlery. 

All of our food is freshly prepared on site daily by our experienced kitchen team. The menu ensures children get the right balance of essential nutrients to ensure children have a balanced diet.

Children can choose to have a hot lunch provided by school or bring their own packed lunch into the setting. If a parent chooses to provide a lunch for their child, we ask that parents prepare a healthy lunch box.

During the morning, the children enjoy snack time together. Snack ranges from different types of fruit and includes cereal and toast. The children are encouraged to be independent when washing their hands, pouring their drink and chopping and preparing food. 



We love to cook in Preschool! Children have many opportunities to learn basic cooking skills and techniques. 


We have a vegetable garden where we grow our own foods for cooking.

We also support our local shop and buy produce.