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Gladstone Primary Academy


Every day a maths video will be sent to your Tapestry account, so your child can learn at home with their teacher. The teacher will model and guide the learning to ensure your child continues to make great progress. 

The coverage to February half-term will include:

Starter for 5

  • Recite numbers aloud to 20 and beyond
  • Counting in 1's and 2's
  • Number detective -identifying missing numbers
  • Number formation
  • 2D shapes
  • Positional language


Week Commencing  Learning theme
 11th January 1 More/1 Less
18th January  Addition
25th January Subtraction
1st February Number bonds to 5
8th February Ordering numbers

Maths at home

Eva is being a great number detective at home.



Mikalaj is learning to add 1 more at home with Mummy.