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Gladstone Primary Academy

Monday 11th January


Please come to school today between 9.00 and 11.00 to collect paper copies of the learning.

Below are the videos to support you with doing today's learning. 

At the bottom of the page you will find copies of the paper learning that you can work from if you did not come to school to collect it.  Some of the paper learning has 2 copies: 

  • a word document if you want to use a computer and do it online; 
  • a pdf copy for viewing on smart phones and tablets. 

If you do your work in a book please take photos and send a copy to your teacher using your school email account.  If you do it on the paper copies you can bring it back to school next Monday.

Mr Thomas's Power Steps group













Ms Camara's Power Steps group













Miss Bolton's Power English group







Miss Nargis's Power English group




Mr Rudge and Mr Oldaker's Power Maths group




Mr Thomas's Power Maths group




Miss Bolton and Miss Nargis's Power Maths groups









You need to spend at least 15 minutes today doing your reading.  If you need a new reading book, please bring your reading and library books to school on a Monday and you can get new books to read.

Other Learning

Check the PE, Art, Music and Spanish pages for other learning you need to do.  On the Other Information page you will find more ideas of things to do at home.

Please contact your teacher via email if you need help with the learning.

Enjoy your day and stay safe,

The Year 3 teachers