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Gladstone Primary Academy

Public Consultation

Thomas Deacon Education Trust would welcome your views on a proposed change to the Admission Number for Gladstone Primary Academy from September 2024.

The Trust/Academy is proposing to reduce the Published Admission Number for Gladstone Primary Academy from 90 to 60. The reasons for this are set out below:

  • Gladstone Primary Academy is situated in the centre of Peterborough. The school was expanded in 2014 to have 2 sites with capacity for four form entry. The catchment area for Gladstone Primary Academy has remained the same, bordered by Sergeant Street, Lincoln Road, Taverners Road and Bourges Boulevard, a relatively small area given the possible capacity of the school.
  • The academy reduced its PAN to 90, from September 2022 to enable the creation of an Early Years Unit. The academy has agreed an age range change with the DfE from 4 to 11 years old to 2 to 11 years old from January 2023 to make the preschool provision fully part of the academy.
  • Over the last two years, the number of applications for Reception have been considerably lower than the 90 places on offer and have not exceeded 60 in the last two academic years.
  • The total number children attending the academy is reducing and is predicted to continue to fall in the coming years.
  • Reducing the Published Admission Number enables the academy to consolidate onto one site in the coming years, allowing the academy to run more efficiently.
  • It is recognised that a reduction in the Published Admission Number to 60 would reduce the number of places available at the Academy. However, given the turnover of places in recent years it is expected that it would be possible to offer all local applicants a place over their reception year. The Trust is not proposing any changes to the admission criteria for the school.

A copy of the admissions policy is available on the Academy’s website:

Who is the Trust consulting with?

The Trust is consulting with parents of children at schools within Peterborough and early years providers, local residents, parents of any other children aged between two and eighteen, councillors, MPs, schools, governors and other local stakeholders.

Have Your Say

The Trust would like to receive your views on the proposed reduction to the Academy’s Admission Number.

Any written comments should be sent to Thomas Deacon Education Trust

  • By email to including the words ‘ADMISSIONS CONSULTATION’ in the title; or
  • By post to: Shirley Thackray, GPA Admissions Consultation, Thomas Deacon Education Trust, Queen’s Gardens, Peterborough PE1 2UW

It would be helpful if you would indicate in what capacity you are responding (e.g. parent, teacher, governor etc.)

Please respond by 15th January 2023 when this consultation will close.

What Happens Next?

The Trust Board will consider all the responses to the consultation. It will then decide whether to implement the changes. If approved, the changes will be introduced for September 2024 entry