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Gladstone Primary Academy

Reading and Writing

Every day you will receive a phonics video and a writing video through your Tapestry account, so your child can learn at home with their teacher.

Phonics is the way we teach children how to read and write.

The phonics session will include:

Alphabet chant

Say it Speedy with Gladys

Hearing the new sound

Introducing the new shape

Speedy sounds - fast recall of previous learnt sounds

Stretch and read – reading new words


The Alphabet chant - Letter Sounds




The Alphabet Chant - Letter Names




The writing session will include:

Letter formation

Oral rehearsal of ideas aloud

Modelled and guided teaching

Practising writing words, captions and sentences using our split it up fingers

Checking we have a High 5 sentence

Independent learning time

Learning at home

Yasmin is practising her writing at home with good support from Mummy.