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Gladstone Primary Academy

Thursday 4th March

Please check here for details of our reopening on Monday 8th March for the Year 3 children.

Below are the videos to support you with today's learning. 

At the bottom of the page you will find copies of the paper learning that you can work from if you did not come to school to collect it.  Some of the paper learning has 2 copies: 

  • a word document if you want to use a computer and do it online;
  • a pdf copy for viewing on smart phones and tablets. 

Meet the authors 

Virtual Visit Webinar: Nathan Bryon and Dapo Adeola, author and illustrator of Look Up! and Clean Up!

The award-winning debut from Nathan Bryon and Dapo Adeola, Look Up!, follows the adventures of science-crazed chatterbox Rocket as she inspires her community to both put down their phones and reach for the stars. Rocket returns in acclaimed follow-up Clean Up! as she tackles plastic pollution when visiting Grammy and Grampy’s Animal Sanctuary at their tropical island home. Rocket shows everyone that small changes can make a BIG difference and that when you work as a team, you can change the world!

What to expect during the session:

Join award-winning author and illustrator Nathan Bryon and Dapo Adeola to hear all about their debut book Look Up! and the acclaimed follow-up Clean Up! Follow Rocket’s adventures as she encourages those around her to look up to the stars and clean up plastic pollution. Have your pens and pencils at the ready as you learn how to draw Luna the cat and get your thinking caps on as Rocket quizzes your knowledge! 

This event is at 10.30 today. Click here to join the event.

Class Zoom Meeting

Today 3B are having their class Zoom meeting at 10.00 am.  Please check your email account or the letter that came home in the paper copies of the home learning, for the login details. 

Below is a copy of the guidance for the Zoom meeting for parents. 

Mr Thomas's Power Steps group










Ms Cámara's Power Steps group










Miss Bolton's English group




Miss Nargis's English group




Mr Rudge and Mr Oldaker's Maths group




Mr Thomas's Maths group




Miss Bolton and Miss Nargis's Maths groups









Make sure you do at least 15 minutes reading today. Remember you can bring your books back to school on a Monday to change them for new books. 

Other Learning

Check the PE, Art, Music and Spanish pages for other learning you need to do.  On the Other Information page you will find more ideas of things to do at home.

Please contact your teacher via email if you need help with the learning.

Have a wonderful day,

The Year 3 teachers