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Gladstone Primary Academy

Year 3

Year 3 – Kennington CE Academy Welcome to Year 3 Remote Learning

Please choose the day on the right-hand side to find the learning for today. 

Each day we will post videos that support the paper packs that you collected from school on Monday.  Your child will need to watch the videos as the teacher explains what they need to do by modelling examples, guiding your child through some examples and then setting further work to do independently. 

We realise that if you access the Internet using a 4G device, watching the videos can quickly mean your data packages can be used up.  There is support available for increased data packages by accessing this form Request for additional 4G data package.

Children can also access the Internet via a games console at home. If you need support to do this further details are available here Internet access on a games console.

Paper copies of Remote Learning

If you would like paper copies of the learning please come to school between every Monday between 9.00 and 11.00 to collect them.



When you have completed the learning you can either photograph it and email a copy to your teacher, or bring the completed learning back on a Monday.  Please make sure your name is written on the learning.

Miss Bolton -

Miss Camara -

Miss Nargis -

Mr Thomas -


Please carry on reading at home everyday, and filling in your reading record. If you need a new reading book you can change it on a Monday when collecting paper copies of the learning. 

School Email Accounts

Your school email account now works.  Mr Thomas shows you how to get started.  We look forward to you sending us all emails.





Have you watched this week's assembly by Mr. Martin  Weekly Assembly


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